Oh Yeah Fuck Me Baby

***There is nothing but sex on this blog!

Heyyy. I'm a horny teenage girl. Bisexual.

Enjoy my yummy blog ;)

*None of it is mine, unless I say so.

If you want me to check out your blog, say so in my ask. Don't be scared to write into my Ask.. I usually bite but I reckon you're safe behind that computer screen ;)

g08mn asked: What's ur kik

Don’t have kik :)

Anonymous asked: i'd love for you to ride my dick

How charming are you <3

Anonymous asked: The other day i asked my bf to rate my blow jobs out of 10 and he said usually a 8.5 and sex about a 7.8 ... Im feeling a little offended because i feel we have amazing sex... Now im self conscious!?

At least he was being honest! & a 7.8 is not that bad :) Don’t feel self conscious! :) 

Anonymous asked: I just seen all the pictures and got so wet and now I wanna touch myself never been gay I'm 18 why is this turning me on??

Because girls are hot, duh ;)

MMMH BOOBS! Click on the image for more ;)

MMMH BOOBS! Click on the image for more ;)